Dakota Dinosaur Museum Featuring Rare Minerals and Rocks from around the World

The Dakota Dinosaur Museum is beginning its 20th year of operation. Have you visited the museum in Dickinson? If not, this may be the summer to visit. The museum has been a great economic development project for the community bringing over 400,000 to the museum since opening day, May 13, 1994. A visit to the museum provides an excellent educational experience for individuals of all ages. Visitors tell us it may take more than one visit to absorb all the information.

Opening for the season on Wednesday, May 1, you may be surprised to learn that in addition to a large collection of dinosaurs and mammals, the museum has an excellent variety of rare minerals and rocks from all over the world in one of the finest displays that can be seen anywhere.

“This summer the museum is featuring our outstanding collection of minerals and rocks”, says Larry League, museum curator. Visitors who think we only display dinosaurs are elated after viewing the well-lighted mineral exhibit with easy to read informative labels. World travelers often tell us this is one of the best mineral displays anywhere in the world.

Visitors will enjoy minerals on display from exotic parts of the world including Russia, Australia, India, China, Tasmania, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. “Most of the states in the U. S. are represented with at least one mineral,” says League. A large country like the United States produces an abundance of rare minerals. Come join us for an exciting adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

And you will want to visit the Dino Shop. Larry and Alice have just returned from Tucson, the largest gem and mineral show in the world. Our gift shop, providing a major portion of our operating expenses each year, has a lot of new and exciting items that will make wonderful gifts for your family and friends. Don’t miss out on this wonderful shopping opportunity for one of a kind minerals, fossils, jewelry, and dinosaur education items.

The Dakota Dinosaur Museum is independently operated from admission fees, contributions and gift shop proceeds. An annual membership is a great way to see the museum time and time again. We invite you to become either a general member or business member to support our efforts for maintaining the Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson. Interested? Visit our website www.dakotadino.com to view the variety of membership opportunities available and to download an application.

May is our busy month for hosting school field trips. Although many schools have already registered for a tour in May, we have room for many more. To schedule your tour, visit our website www.dakotadino.com education page. Review the education program and complete the school field trip schedule form in its entirety and submit.

Come join us for an exciting adventure you will remember for a lifetime. The Dakota Dinosaur Museum, a private museum located in Dickinson at 200 E. Museum Drive, is open May 1st through Labor Day from 9-5 p.m. (MDT) daily. Entrance fees are $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 3-12 yrs. We are looking forward to your visit.

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